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The quality and correct use of time is one of the issues that many institutions pay attention to. Transportation is especially important for increasing work efficiency. Today, the biggest problem of companies in personnel transportation is the loss of time. Research conducted in the developed countries of the world draws attention to the importance of commuting hours in terms of productivity.

It is our most important duty to transport company personnel to their jobs, homes and loved ones in peace in Istanbul, the megacity where traffic is the most intense. We see ourselves as our goal in customer satisfaction, constantly improving and renewing ourselves to meet the demands and expectations of our customers, and we are renewing our vehicle fleet every day in accordance with the conditions of the day.

Under the management of our expert staff, we transport 200 personnel with our 150-vehicle fleet every day, ensuring their safety and comfort.


As of 2023, we continue our transportation service, which we started with 10 vehicles in 2013, with a large fleet of 150 vehicles. Moreover, we aim to be one of the leading companies in the sector in order to serve more companies.

By adding the leading schools of our country to our service network with Personnel Transportation and Student Transportation service

We continue to grow rapidly. 

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